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environmental incident response

Natural Disasters and Man Made Incidents


EGSL has a long, successful track record of proving timely and appropriate environmental incident responses in urgent situations for both public and private sector clients including schools, residences and commercial and industrial projects.  With more than 30 years of providing environmental engineering and consulting services, EGSL, having experienced numerous scenarios, understands that each emergency is unique.

EGSL has procedures in place to dispatch and respond quickly.  Clear lines of communication are established to devise appropriate plans of action for each unique situation.

EGSL Environmental Incident Response Services Include:


  • Chemical Spills

  • Asbestos, Lead and Other Hazardous Material Releases

  • Petroleum/Fuel Product Releases

  • Flooding/Water Incidents

  • Natural Disaster Responses

  • Cleanup Oversight and Clearance Testing

EGSL can be reached 24/7 at 312.447.1200.  We have the ability to mobilize our environmental professionals within two hours of an incident call.

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