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Covid-19 Testing Services

Novel Coronavirus/Covid 19

Environmental Group Services Covid 19 Emergency Response Services

Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) is a highly contagious virus that can remain in the air for over 30 minutes and is believed to be viable on a variety of surfaces for several days. 


In response to client health concerns regarding exposure to the virus, EGSL performs on site visits to audit work practices and prepare Site Specific Work and Safety Plans to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, more commonly known as COVID-19. 


Furthermore, EGSL provides third party surrogate surface sampling following professional cleaning and disinfecting activities.   Test results are read within minutes of the surface swab which aid the professional cleaning provider in verifying cleanliness of client facilities.  The testing process is not invasive nor damaging to surfaces and involves swabbing high contact areas such as doorknobs, counters, light switches, floors, and computers. 


Please note that testing can only be conducted after the areas have been cleaned and disinfected by trained cleaning professionals.  The test offered is regularly used in health care and food settings and gives a presence/absence result for presence of pathogenic material on surfaces.

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