EGSL can assess your situation and develop a strategy to mitigate or remediate the lead based materials or surfaces in or around your dwelling, building, or plant. We’ll help you with the services and solutions you need to protect your employees, tenants, family, and the general public.
EGSL Provides:

  • Certified Lead Risk Assessors
  • Project Management
  • Clearance Testing
  • Reporting Analysis and Development

Case Study

A young child in a HUD residential building showed symptoms of lead blood poisoning.  EGSL utilized its XRF machine and sampled all areas of the dwelling. None of the samples, however, showed unsafe levels of lead. EGSL then interviewed the family and found that they had recently traveled outside the country and brought back canned foods. The cans had lead solder which had leached into the contents, contaminating the food and causing the child’s lead poisoning.