EGSL excels in developing and implementing solutions for complex environmental contaminated sites. Our goal is to protect the environment and its habitat during and after a project by building safeguards that will ensure a safe environment for future generations.
EGSL’s professional staff includes geologists, environmental scientists, and engineers. Collectively they form a coalition that enables us to complete a project with the most cost effective solution for our clients. Our expertise includes various EPA closures in the following areas:

  • RCRA Compliance and Closure
  • Risk Based Corrective Action
  • Site Remediation Compliance and Closures
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Compliance and Closure
  • Remediation Expertise:
  • Steam Enhanced Vapor Extraction
  • Bioremediation
  • Inorganic Stabilization
  • PCB Remediation
  • Pump & Treat

Case Study

Between 1945 and 1985, approximately two million gallons of liquid waste were disposed at a former tar manufacturing plant along a closed branch of the Illinois Michigan Canal.  EGSL installed a soil vapor extraction (SVE) System to address vadose-zone volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The system operated for nine months and removed approximately 20,000 pounds of mixed VOCs. During the ground water sampling, free product with commingled TCE was found underlying the site. A pilot-scale thermal enhancement was added to the existing SVE well field to address the free product, including four steam injection wells and 10 SVE/product-recovery wells. Lessons-learned during the pilot led to operational changes and full-scale design parameters. The pilot operation removed approximately 30,000 pounds of fuel hydrocarbons and VOCs (compared with approximately 20,000 pounds removed by the original SVE system during its first 9 months of operation). The steam enhancement increased the mass removal rate of the SVE system by over 2000 percent. The cost saving to the client exceeded $3,000.000.