A year and a half site remediation project for EGSL has recently been completed in McCook, Illinois.  The 41 acre site, divided into two parcels, was a heavily contaminated former manufacturing site.  The soil contained volatile organic compounds (VOC), including PCE, trichloroethylene (TCE), cis-1,2-dichlorethene (DCE), trans-1,2-DCE, vinyl chloride, benzene, chloroform, and RCRA metals.  In order to obtain closure of the site and receive an NFR from the IEPA, EGSL completed a Comprehensive Site Investigation (CSI) to determine if any other environmental impacts has occurred in the soil and groundwater below.  Based on the TACO regulations, institutional controls, engineered barriers were an important part of the corrective action.  EGSL oversaw the remediation that included investigations, testing, project oversight of the excavation of approximately 37,000 tons of contaminated soil, the installation of vapor barriers and slurry walls.  A No Further Remediation was obtained from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and construction of a large office complex at the site is currently underway.