When EGSL performed a routine site investigation, we didn’t know that our unexpected findings would play a role in in cost savings at Ping Tom Park.  As a resource to the Public Building Commission of Chicago, EGSL was contracted to perform ground penetrating radar to identify any anomolies at the site prior to construction.  Expecting a few rocks and some debris, EGSL was surprised to find remnants of a former rail yard, buried just below the surface.  What could have been considered “bad news” for the project, instead presented new opportunities and cost savings that benefit the community.  In response to our findings, the PBC, along with the Ping Tom Project Team determined that new configurations of the site would not only allow for an additional building,  but the money saved by working around the buried debris would fund the new pool that the community had hoped for.  Please click on the link below from the Chicago Journal published March 8th.